Standing in the  crisp Jerusalem air

Under a bright blue sky

With the domes, minarets and bell towers,

One understands that Jerusalem
offers something special

That is not available anywhere else
in the world.


The city holy to the three monotheistic religions

Bestows a special feeling on everyone.

And it does not matter what kind of faith
you have,
Jerusalem is for everybody.

A little bit

About me

Ruth Schiller

My name is Ruth Schiller. I live and work in Jerusalem - the most beautiful and fascinating city in the world. I love books. I love music. I hate uncomfortable shoes.

First I worked in hi-tech. Then I strove to help people in the non-profit sector. Now I help people experience Israel according to their interests and beliefs. And I get to wear comfortable shoes to work every single day.

Half-day & day trips

in Jerusalem

Come and join me on a tour about wine in Jerusalem in the beginning of the modern era. In the Old Yishuv Court Museum we will see how people lived here in the 19th century. We will get to know the first three wineries in Jerusalem – Ginio, Shor and Teperberg – at their original locations. We will finish the day at The Wine Temple in a wine cellar built in 1874 and taste the modern day wines of the first wineries. Photo credit: The Wine Temple

The Holy Land, and in its center Jerusalem, changed hands throughout the ages. From the broad wall built by King Hezekiah in the 8th century BC to the wall that surrounds the Old City today built by Suleiman the Magnificent 500 years ago, each period left its mark. Romans, Crusaders, Mamluks, British and more: in the historical tours we will walk into a period in the city’s history and examine the motives, events and people that affected Jerusalem, seeing with our own eyes the imprint that remains centuries, and even millennia, later.

Photo Credit: Deror Avi

People come to the Jewish Quarter from all over the world to visit the Western Wall. But it comprises  much much more and is fascinating  for visitors of all faiths. Wherever your interests lie, there are stories to be told and places to see in the Jewish Quarter:  Women in the 19th century, synagogues, medicine, renovation and preservation, ancient history and more. Pick a topic and come with me to explore.

Come with me through the city’s shop windows. We will meet Jerusalem designers and artists in their own workspace, and hear about their techniques, sources of inspiration, and the vision that lies at the core of their designs.

The Mahane Yehuda shuk is an exciting medley of colors, tastes, smells and people. Vegetable stalls next to boutique clothing, middle eastern dishes next to basil-grapefruit sorbet, spice stores across from artisan bread. Whether you want to taste some halva and buy a few spices or eat your way through Israel’s melting pot on a tasting tour, the shuk is great fun.

From the breathtaking Mount of Olives, through the Via Dolorosa, to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. We will walk in the footsteps of Jesus, read the Bible, and see how both modern and ancient churches capture the essence of the biblical stories through architecture and artwork.

The virgin Mary is a source of comfort and hope to millions of believers around the world. However, tours of the Holy Land are often so busy, that there is no opportunity to contemplate her life and essence. We will unhurriedly tour Christian sites in Jerusalem, focusing our eyes and thoughts on Mary’s iconic image and many portrayals.

Jerusalem is a multicultural hub for people of all religions, interests and creeds. With its many historical and cultural sights, one could spend a lifetime exploring it. Through what lens would you like to see the city? Let me know and I will plan a tour specially tailored to your interests.

Original logoIn Jerusalem’s Old City, Jews, Moslems and Christians live side by side. We will visit the sites that are holy to each of the three religions and will talk about the scriptures and traditions that are common to more than one religion and that are specific to each.

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 November 3, 2017
This sculpture – Jerusalem as the Center of the World – is one of my favorite places in Jerusalem. I have many favorite places in the city and I don’t even try to rank them. As my mother says about her children and grandchildren: “They are all wonderful in different ways”.